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Travel Mug - Under the Sea 380ml


Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Cup - An insulated travel cup, leak-proof and reusable. (12oz) We are pleased to offer these beautiful insulated coffee cups from Neon Kactus. Not only are they thermally insulated and made from double walled stainless steel, but they stand out by having a stunning matt finish.

Made to last these cups are able to be reused again and again - on the go or at home. These leak-proof cups are handy to keep in your bag so you never forget to bring your own cup. They’ve been made to be lightweight and compact in a variety of vibrant colours.

The 12oz cups are made to fit perfectly under most coffee machines and will hold the same liquid as in a standard household mug. For those that know, this is the equivalent to the Starbucks ‘Tall’ and Cost ‘Primo’ drinks

The stainless steel travel cups are thermally insulated to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, enjoy coffee hot and juice cold!

Instead of looking metallic, they have vibrant colours and a stylish design with a matt finish, making for a unique look. All the materials are high quality and durable so it can be reused for a long time. The lid on the cup is made of recyclable plastic and the body is double walled stainless steel. Since it’s compact and lightweight, it’s easy to pack away in your bag when you go out. You don’t need to worry about spills because the lid is leak-proof and resealable for peace of mind. The steel doesn’t hold onto flavours or scents from old drinks, even those lemon and ginger brews!

Easy to clean - Handwash

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Double walled, insulated stainless steel
Compact and lightweight
Vibrant colours with a matt finish

Neon Kactus was founded in 2018 by Charlotte Gornall, with the aim of providing the coffee purist with an on the go, non-compromising experience. The result was the Neon Kactus cup. A modern and stylish product designed to mirror the convenience and drinking pleasure of the coffee shop whilst reducing the use of non reusable cups. Neon Kactus are committed to reducing the use of non reusable products, plastic and all other unsustainable materials, in order to protect our planet and create a better tomorrow. We aim to do this by creating products that fit into your lifestyle, with the perfect balance of style and performance.


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