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Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner 2 pack


This award winning stainless steel tongue scraper is a u-shaped tongue cleaner that will remove debris from your tongue, naturally. Made from super-strong stainless steel and designed to remove as much bad stuff as possible in a few swipes, it’s a reduced-waste way of fighting bad breath and halitosis.

The wide design is smooth-edged to make it as comfortable as possible to remove dead skin cells as well as any food debris from your tongue. The results are not only fresher breath, but also improved taste because let’s face it, without a load of muck covering your taste buds, of course everything will taste more vibrant.

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Place the stainless steel tongue scraper as far back as you can on your tongue and with very light pressure, pull gently down between 5 to 10 times after cleaning your teeth and flossing.

Our metal tongue scrapers have safe, thick blunt edges to avoid abrasions. Slimmer, sharper cleaners can damage and hurt your tongue. We have made sure that our tongue cleaners can cleanse effectively and safely.

However, we would like to remind you to use this cleaner safely. Do not use if you have any existing abrasions on your tongue as well as lumps or bumps that cause you an issue.


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