Soulful Essential Oil 10ml


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Discover tranquillity with this Soulful Essential Oil. Complex and exotic, our ‘Soulful’ blend brings together seven incredible essential oils.

Top notes of spicy frankincense and fruity juniper berry provide a deeply calming sensation to soothe jangled nerves, whilst the fragrant base notes of patchouli help to ease away fatigue, providing a truly warming and relaxing experience. We source nature’s finest ingredients to make our essential oils, while the aroma delivered by our 100% pure essential oils will envelop you in the scents of purity. Bay, bergamot, frankincense and juniper berry fragrance Add a couple of drops into an AromaWorks electric diffuser

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Bay, Bergamot, Frankincense, Juniper Berry

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With a commitment to 100% pure essential oils and all natural ingredients, AromaWorks is built on this conviction and enriched by the passion of founder Jane Hibbert, who’s love for essential oils and purity stems back to her teenage years, when her pocket money was saved to buy and experiment with the best essential oils. Upon discovering that many skincare and home fragrance products were routinely made from less than pure and natural elements, Jane was inspired to create AromaWorks, driven by her vision for uncompromising purity, in order to offer a stunning range of natural beauty products.


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