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Ultrasonic Skin Care Device


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The skin is the largest organ of the human body. More and more people, especially women, pay more attention to their skin these days. But gravity, sunshine, radiation are all harmful to the skin causing sagging, looseness, wrinkles, spots, acne and other skin problems.

To protect and beautify the skin, we need not only skin care products, but also a professional beauty device to get the best effect. The Ultrasonic Skin device will help with:

Deep Cleansing



Tightening & Lifting

Eliminating dark circles and eye bags.

This device uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin.

Red light: activate cells, promotes the formulation of collagen, reduces wrinkles. Improves elasticity.

Green light: Reduces redness and inflammation. Suitable for oily and sensitive skin. 

Blue light:  Effective on acne and skin blemishes, reduces skin sebum, tightens loose skin.

Tri-colour: Overlapping all 3 colours can have amazing results for skin care.

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Apply a face serum liberally to the machine and then glide across the skin upwards and outwards. Use up to a maximum of three times a week.

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