Medium Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons (16)


These applicator tampons are made with organic cotton and without chemical nasties. Designed to be kinder to your body and kinder to the environment.

Our applicator tampons are made with pure organic cotton. We do not use rayon wood pulp fragrance perfumes chlorine finishing agents and synthetic fibres. Less additives mean less irritation and increased comfort Designed to be kinder to your body and kinder to the planet. Our applicator tampons are biodegradable, cruelty free and we use a sustainable cardboard applicator for smooth insertion.

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Made with GOTS certified organic cotton
Made without fragrance/perfume, rayon, chlorine, synthetic fibres and finishing agents
Wrapped in an organic cotton hypoallergenic veil
Woven organic cotton string
Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin

TOTM are proud to provide healthier femcare products. 100%certified organic cotton and no chemical ‘nasties’, TOTM products are made using sustainable materials. The organic cotton is farmed more responsibly than conventional cotton. All their products are biodegradable and packaging is recyclable and use sugarcane mailing bags. Our products are not tested on animals.


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