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Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag - Set of 3


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This pack of 3 great value organic cotton produce bags are designed for carrying fresh fruit or vegetables from the supermarket, market or farm shop and storing them at home.

They also make an excellent plastic-free gift (if you can bear to part with them!). The bags have a handy drawstring closure.

Made from 100% certified GOTS organic cotton, the bags can also be put straight into the refrigerator. Natural fibres mean the bags are breathable - unlike plastic bags - and produce will stay fresher for longer. Win-win!

Contains one small, one medium and one large bag. Wrapped in a recyclable paper band.

Perfect for carrying your loose groceries home from the bakers, supermarket, market or greengrocers. You can proudly refuse the single use plastic or paper bags that are still widely on offer, and you'll never need to reach for a plastic bag again!

Large Mesh Bag: Size: 34cm wide x 38cm high. Tare weight: 57g (we recommend weighing your items outside of the bag first).

Medium Mesh Bag: Size: 26cm wide x 32cm high. Tare weight: 42g (we recommend weighing your items outside of the bag first).

Small Mesh Bag: Size: 18cm wide x 22cm high. Tare weight: 24g. Care: Produce bags can be washed in the machine at 40 degrees and hung to dry.

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