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The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing


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Use crystals to self heal and promote physical and mental wellbeing. crystals are natural energy-boosters, which protect us by detoxifying our physical, emotional, and spiritual systems from stress, promoting well-being and serenity.

This book explains exactly how to use a crystal pendulum to diagnose the health of chakra and how to use a wealth of healing techniques to gently re-balance energy. There are in-depth sections on each chakra, with checklists of symptoms, plus profiles of over 100 amazing crystals you can find easily and use for healing.

With everything you need to know about crystals, plus charts, photographs, and step-by-step illustrations, exercises, and case studies, The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra. Healing will guide you toward better health and, ultimately, a calmer, happier life.

Size:235mm X 190mm

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