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Angels Feng Shui Oil Burner


This beautiful fine porcelain votive is made out of fine Chinese clay . Perfect for creating light for meditation. When lit the figure of the Angels shines through. Highly trained sculptors work their magic and create this stunning piece. Comes in a beautiful box.

Place a tea light inside the burner. Add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil and a few drops of water into the bowl. Please take caution and do not leave the burner without fluid in the bowl to burn dry, different oils burn at a different rate so please keep an eye.

Our own bespoke collection. Here at Pure Skin Lab we have sourced some of our favourite wellness gifts. Crystals, singing bowls, jewellery, yoga mats and lots more to help and inspire towards your approach to holistic and wellbeing.

SKU: PX-DOBA-527-014

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