Fab Little Bags

Fab Little Bag’s Sanitary Dispenser Unit


This stylish sanitary bag dispenser is tailor made for your FabLittleBags. The dispenser can be fixed to a wall with self-adhesive tabs (supplied)

Alternatively, it can be fixed with screws or sit flat on a shelf or cistern Dispenser holds a max of 40 FabLittleBags Encourages your visitors to bin their tampons and pads, preventing blockages and river and ocean pollution from flushed items.

Please note, This sanitary bag dispenser will not work with other sanitary bags, only with FabLittleBags, due to the unique shape and design. It is available in white to fit in with your bathroom design. When fixed to the wall it takes up next to no space. This is a great way to ensure visitors don’t inadvertently block your toilet or septic tank by flushing their tampons or pads. Introduce your guests to FabLittleBag with this fab little sanitary bag dispenser and avoid the plumbing bills and damage from flooded toilets. FabLittleBag Sanitary Disposal Bags available separately.

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SKU: FLB-DIS-020-003

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