Our Ethos

At Pure Skin Lab we believe beauty is more than skin deep. We have been working hard to source only the most effective and natural products and brought them together to create our unique collection in this ‘one stop shop’. Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals, no parabens, no SLS's, no microbeads, are not tested on animals and are gentle to our environment.

Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs all that we use on it. If the products we use on and around our bodies contain harmful chemicals, these may be causing damage to our precious healthy cells.

At Pure Skin Lab, we believe it is important to keep our cells healthy by using only natural products, taking exercise and eating healthily. We also promote an overall approach to mental and physical wellbeing. We believe we all need to take time out for ourselves and practise being mindful in all that we do. In this busy world we all live in, we need to invest in ourselves and begin with loving ourselves first.

Love Yourself and ‘Love Your Cells’

We love our world, lets be kind to it and give back!

Good for you.
Good for the planet.

Our products are not tested on animals, do not contain any harmful chemicals and are therefore more gentle to our environment. Our products are not only better for our overall health, but they actually work too!

We are working with so many wonderful companies that all have their own incredible stories. Many of them support the local communities and charities where they source their ingredients and products. We are so lucky to be able to have these products on our site and help in supporting their passions for quality and ethical products.

Our boxes have the 'FSC' Forest Stewardship Council stamp on them, which means our boxes have been sourced from responsible forest management sites. All of our packaging is recyclable. Many of our products are sourced because of their ethical reason eg. our toothbrushes are made from recycled yogurt pots.

Meet our founder

After having her four children, Caroline started looking into the ingredients that were in the products the family were using...

Caroline became aware of the hidden chemicals that were in most of these, and grew concerned about the build up that they could be having on the family’s health.

She began purchasing products that were only natural or organic, but found she had to search and order from so many different places to get the range she wanted. As her children grew older the range of products started to become harder to find, deodorant, make-up etc and Caroline just wished she could find them at a ‘one stop shop’ hence the idea of ‘Pure Skin Lab’ was created.

Caroline has put hours of dedication into finding the most natural products and that also work into the Pure Skin Lab range.

Her message is to invest in yourself and ‘love your cells’

The story behind our brand