Why wear sun cream?

Summer is definitely here, so we all need to remember to be sun safe and apply sun cream. Times have definitely changed! Over the last couple of decades our awareness of skin cancer has really grown and our knowledge of prevention and early diagnosis has improved. When I was a child I don’t remember anyone applying sun cream, and I even remember using baby oil when I was a teenager, something I cringe about now. We are now educated to apply sun cream, constantly and even recommended when overcast. Sun rays damage our skin cells and if we end up burning, especially in childhood, it is the worst thing that causes damage to our good cells and therefore promote cancer cells to develop.

When I started looking at sun creams for our family there were no natural brands out there. I was concerned about all the chemicals in these sun creams and using them on my children. I have since also read that these chemicals damage our coral reefs and poison our fish.

I am grateful that we now have the choice from a great range of chemical free sun creams. I have selected our products carefully and looked at creams that are natural and still have amazing protection.