Why use TOTM – Our range of Organic Tampons!

Since staring the journey with Pure Skin Lab I have been on one massive learning curve. When I started to read about Feminine Hygiene products I came across an article about how tampons contain toxic ingredients. I was shocked to find out that the conventional cotton used in regular tampons contain harmful chemicals that are entering our bloodstream when we use them. This is due to they way conventional cotton is farmed as they use pesticides and insecticides, in fact cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop on the planet! Potentially carciogenic dioxins are often linked also to endometriosis. It has also been shown to disrupt hormones and cause problems with the immune and reproductive systems. Dioxins found in regular tampons are persistent and once in the body, they remain their indefinitely, building up with each new exposure.

In addition to these core ingredients, tampons and pads contain potentially harmful additives. This includes a type of bleach, dyes and a range of surfactants and finishing agents.

You ask why this is not regulated! Tampons and pads are regulated and approved as medical devices. Under this category manufacturers do not need to disclose ingredients. Studies also show that dioxin levels in a single tampon does not show any concern, however when a woman uses them often these chemicals are absorbed into our system and accumulate. This is not taken into consideration!

The place in which we put a tampon (our vagina) is one of the most absorbent parts of the body. Exposing it to unnatural materials and substances can cause immediate irritation and potential long term health risks.

That is why we only sell TOTM on our site. These tampons are 100% ORGANIC, CRUELY-FREE and BIODEGRADABLE. They are also produced in a more environmentally friendly way by not spraying pesticides and lastly 10 pence from every box goes to Endometriosis UK.