Why switch to a natural deodorant?

Firstly, we all sweat and it is a natural process. It’s how our bodies’ regulate temperature. So when you apply an antiperspirant it uses aluminium-based compounds to ‘plug’ up the sweat glands and stop the flow of sweat to the skin’s surface, preventing our bodies’ from cooling down. (there is the belief that the aluminium based deodorants could promote cancer cells developing, especially breast). Natural formulations, on the other hand, allow your body to function exactly how it should, but can still keep us feeling and smelling fresh at the same time.

How do Natural Deodorants work?
Well, interesting enough, sweat itself doesn’t actually smell. What does produce the odour is when our skin’s natural microbes mingle with the sweat and feed off the fat and proteins. Fortunately, that’s where our wonderful range of natural deodorants come in! They use natural antibacterial ingredients to create an environment where microbes can’t thrive and therefore leaving you feeling fresh and smelling good all day.

My personal favourite is the Madara herbal deodorant, I love this product.