Why my trip to Costa Rica has been such an inspiration

Another family adventure has been and gone this summer. Costa Rica was an amazing experience and left us all with great inspiration from this pure, eco country. We stayed in Eco Lodges and witnessed the amazing biodiversity all around, some of the creatures were just breath taking.

The reason I had planned the trip is because I knew Costa Rica had the nature and wildlife in abundance. However, what I hadn’t realised, and what shocked me the most, was the country’s passion for the environment and its sustainability.

When arriving in Costa Rica we were given reusable water bottles and asked not to purchase plastic water bottles during our stay. We were told all their water was safe to drink and comes from springs. We were also handed a beautiful reusable shopping bag and asked to use this during our stay. I hardly saw any rubbish as we travelled across the country. In the airport, lodges and villas all had recycling bins and again we were reminded to use them, it’s just a way of life for them.

Their food is also produced only from sustainable sources. The fish on every menu, we were told, changed due to the season and they were also only allowed to catch fish that were big enough and in season. The meat is all grass fed and chickens all free range. The country, as a whole, is passionate about the health of themselves and the animals they farm. I had many conversations with local people who couldn’t believe the way our animals are farmed in the US and UK. This saddened me that it is just our normality and hardly any of us stop to consider our demands.

I was also amazed to see organic and natural skincare stalls and shops. Lots of products made from the local plants, coconut oil and essential oils. They also tend to use a lot of plants as medicines first instead of visiting the doctor, the local people swore that they worked too!

It left me feeling slightly angry with the UK. As it’s a so called ‘wealthy, modern, western and up to date country’ and it left me asking myself… are we actually all those things? I just wish our government could implement even some of the changes that the Costa Ricans have made. It has definitely inspired me and I hope my children too that we can consider all the factors that we learnt and make changes in our every day living.