Why DoTERRA vs other oils?

Firstly Doterra oils are the most pure and most potent you can buy. They are the only essential oils that are safe to digest. The reasons behind this is the way Doterra Oils are produced.

Doterra source their oils from all around the world. Doterra’s plants are only grown where they are meant to be grown naturally. They are certified that they are grown and tested throughout the process to make sure nothing else is added. All the oils are carefully tested to make sure they have the correct chemical compound. A chemical analysis lab is on every location around the world to make sure these compounds remain pure and therefore safe to ingest.

Other companies get away with saying they are ‘pure’ but they normally buy from a middle man and have no control over the quality and the exact compounds that make the oils pure. Ie, the crops can be sprayed with chemicals, the source is not from a quality source or cheaper oils are mixed and they can still be called ‘pure’. Doterra oils meet the CPTG Certificate. This means that they meet the ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’ and are 100% pure so are safe.