Why choose Organic and Natural Skincare for your baby

When we have our first baby no one tells us of the worries and the feeling of guilt we will suffer along the way. Are they getting enough milk?, Enough sleep?, Enough vegetables?
The question I started to ask myself more and more is, ‘how can I expose my children to less chemicals?’.

In this world of intense farming, intense industry of cheap clothes and goods the chemicals on and in everything have escalated. We are all exposed to so much more now than ever. Our precious bodies are constantly fighting these off, all these substances that are attacking our good cells. It’s not just the food we eat, the clothes, furniture and skincare are all adding to this.

Our bodies and skin absorb everything we use on and around them. So when we have our precious little bundles it is so important that we use the most natural ingredients on them. At Pure Skin Lab we have selected only pure baby products that contain no nasties and are gentle on their beautiful new skin. The Organic Pharmacy, Kit & Kin, Kokoso and Weleda are our trusted brands that we have selected to join our range. These brands only use the purest ingredients and are cruelty free too.