What natural remedies for anxiety?

There are lots of natural ways you can start to take steps to reduce your anxiety.

  1. Exercise is so important for our mental health, not just our physical! This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym everyday and sweat for an hour. A gentle walk for twenty minutes to half an hour outdoors is all it takes to ground and release your ‘feel happy’ endorphins.

  2. Try not to drink alcohol or certainly limit to a small amount once a week. Alcohol, although it makes us feel happy and relaxed whilst drinking it at the time, it can then cause us to feel more anxious later on, or the following day. It also can affect our quality of sleep, which ca then can resort in feeling tired and anxious the following day.

  3. Eating well. Try to avoid too much caffeine and sugary foods. These stimulants give us an instant ‘pick -me-up’, but then can lead us to feeling low and anxious afterwards, therefore reaching out for more and more.

  4. Breathing techniques. Our book Breathe is a great start. This book teaches you how to breathe the right way and how the benefits can promote feelings of calm and relaxation as well as helping lower blood pressure too.

  5. Essential Oils can have amazing benefits to help you relax and reduce stress. You can diffuse these blends or mix with fractionated coconut oil to use on your body or in the bath. These include: Peace, Serenity, Calm and Balance.

  6. Sleep is so important for our overall health. Trying to get a minimum of 8 hours of good quality sleep is so difficult and lots of different things can get in the way. Too much caffeine, alcohol, technology, Wifi, hormones and more all can have an effect on the quality and amount of sleep we get.

    Things to help: A hot bath with essential oils like cedarwood, sandalwood, clary sage (especially good for hormones or menopause). Diffuse in the bedroom blends like Sleep or Serenity help create a sense of calm. Sleep products which are infused with essential oils to promote a good nights sleep include: mists, sprays and balms. Or try our Night-Time Rituals set. We also have our Little Book of Sleep.

  7. ‘Switching off’ Creating that space and time for you is so important to help you calm, relax and ground. Try putting your phone out of reach, reading a calming book, practising yoga and taking time for you! This will help you ground, meditate, breathe and relax.

  8. Meditation- We have some great products to help you create this special place for you. Head to our mediation shop.