Summer Travels? Where are you heading?

This year we have decided to visit Costa Rica and stay in remote Eco Lodges. I can’t wait to get into the middle of nature and see yet another different ecosystem our planet has to offer. Costa Rica is also known for its sustainability and I’m looking forward to learning how this unique country has changed its environmental policies.

I feel it is so important to get away and reconnect with what is important and what life is all about: nature, family and not forgetting to reflect on our own lives and what we are grateful for.

Detoxing from all the screens, social media and everyday pressures are another important reason I tend to head for more adventurous holidays in the middle of nowhere, which you can guess doesn’t make me popular with my 4 teenagers! I read something recently that said ‘you only get 18 summers with your kids’, this is so right and as my eldest turns 16 every holiday is counting more. So I am trying hard to open his mind to other cultures and see other worlds before making his own way and choices in life.

I was just thinking ahead to the 11 hour flight and although cant wait for 11 hours of really ‘doing nothing’, I do find it hard to sit still. Flying can also leave you dehydrated and exhausted. So I thought I would share a few tips I do and stick to when taking long flights.

  1. Choose what you eat before and during the flight wisely. It is easy to give in to that ‘oh well I’m on holiday now’ feeling before boarding the flight. You have a few glasses of wine, order the burger and then stock up on crisps, sweets and junk to munch on throughout the flight. You might end up regretting it half way to your destination as stomach pains and bloating sets in as you are not moving around. So stick to salads, lean protein and fruit or anything slow release with less sugars and salt. I know its hard but also limiting or not having any alcohol at all will really help.
  2. Drink lots of water. Whilst flying, you naturally dehydrate. This is another reason not to drink alcohol as you will dry out your skin.
  3. Stock up on healthy treats. Health bars, nuts etc
  4. Whilst up in the air try getting up every half hour or stretching out as much as possible to avoid DVT and cramp.
  5. If you are a nervous flyer download a mindful or anxiety app to listen to and practise your breathing. This really helps instead of taking the medication and consuming the alcohol which you think is the only way but will leave you feeling worse at the other end.
  6. Be prepared. Remember to download your favourite music, podcasts, take a book, or write a blog!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday wherever you are heading and remember to try detox from all social media and work-related issues. You really do need to give your body and mind a rest without feeling guilty! Even if you’re not heading abroad make sure you make time this weekend to head to your nearest green space or the coast and absorb nature. It really is true medicine.