Summer’s Here!

That first glimpse of summer and you start panicking. It maybe about getting your dry dull legs out, your untoned body, blotchy pale skin from our long dark winter? Sound familiar… here are some tips on some of our products that could help.

BODY – Give your body an all over scrub with our Body Scrub for Energising & Detoxifying, by Ila Spa… this amazing exfoliator leaves your skin smoother, brighter and moisturised.

FACE – With the better weather upon as hopefully more sun, you will want use a facial exfoliator that isn’t too harsh and strips the skin, so, our Rose Diamond Exfoliating Cleanser, by The Organic Pharmacy, is perfect for brightening and gently taking off dead skin without stripping it.

LEGS – We all suffer with dimpled, uneven or cellulite at the top of our legs. I do know this can be genes, diet and other factors, but a simple regime a few weeks before that summer holiday can really help. So try brushing with our Aromatherapy Associates body brush whilst using our Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Scrub from Bodhi & Birch. Then apply our Detox Cellulite Body Oil, from The Organic Pharmacy.

Remember to use a good Sun Cream too as this can be our biggest cause of lines and wrinkles for the future. So shop our Sun Cream range for safe and natural Suncare.