My first Blog for PSL

So why a natural ‘onestop’ shop for beauty, health and wellbeing? After becoming aware that chemicals that are contained in our everyday products sink into our skin (our biggest organ) and damage our wonderful ‘good cells’, I began making changes for my whole family. More organic food, cleaning products and then our everyday beauty products. This was hard to find in one place and for the whole family at affordable prices too, especially when having 4 growing children going through them so quickly. I became interested in aromatherapy and the benefits and decided to invest time in taking a course. What I found out was amazing! These incredible oils, when used in everyday life, can benefit our mood, wellbeing and overall mental health. After starting to mix my own blends, using them as a perfume, dropping in the bath, mixing as a body oil or putting into my diffuser by the bed, I discovered I was sleeping better, feeling my hormones more balanced and my overall mental wellbeing improved. A lot of the products I have chosen also contain aromatherapy blends for this reason, but in our busy lives not everyone has the time to start mixing and making their own products.

So, a blog? As I sat down to write this, a wave of nerves hits me and another realisation we are nearly at launch. I take a deep breath and remind myself to find the confidence in me. After 15 years of being a full-time mum of 4 (now 10, 11, 13 and 15) and a wife of 18 years it is hard to find your voice again. Not mummy or wife but Caroline! I had also not thought about how hard balancing a family and setting up my own business would be. The guilt of all of a sudden not being the perfect ‘homemaker’, with everything usually being planned and organised, I’ve had to miss concerts, matches and the tea not on the table for 5pm everynight, nevermind food in the fridge and costumes for world book day… the list goes on. At this point I do have to commend my husband and my children for all pulling together and adapting to this and starting to do more for themselves (which isn’t such a bad thing) and helping me on this journey. I also would like to thank my team, for being my rock and all the hardwork they have put in, I really couldn’t have done it without them.

Thank you for visiting Pure Skin Lab… My message is to invest in you and LOVE YOUR CELLS…

Caroline x