Luxury Gift Edit

The best selection of gifts chosen by our Pure Skin Lab.

  1. Rose Face Roller and Gua Sha Stone £26.99 – This is a great skincare set for anyone who loves looking after their skin. Helps stimulate lymphatic drainage. It helps reduce puffiness and boosts circulation.

  2. All About Eyes £55 – Includes a beautiful eye shadow pallet, eyeshadow brushes and Delilah’s Definitive mascara. Great saving too as usually £63

  3. Wellness Gift £25 – So many people are turning towards a more mindful life. This lovely little thoughtful gift bundle includes a bracelet with lotus charm, The Little Book of Buddhism and beautiful meditation shawl.

  4. Miniature Bath and Shower Oils £38 – Experience the power of aromatherapy with this set of ten luxurious Bath & Shower Oils, each with a different blend.

  5. Luxury Pamper Bundle £74 – Give someone the gift of selfcare. Perfect for that special person who deserves to lie back and feel pampered. Includes a pack of hydrating sheet masks, a Restore candle that smells divine and bath salts which help sooth and unwind from any stress. Great saving too should be £84.

  6. Wooden Bug and Bee Hotel £18.50 – Perfect for someone who loves nature and wants to encourage the insects and bees into their garden.

  7. Amethyst crystal pendant £25 – The properties in Amethysts are believed to relieve stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Set in silver and comes on a silver chain.

  8. Himalayan Salt Lamp from £19.99 – Great idea for a teenager or student’s bedroom/desk. Purifies the air, helps with allergies and boosts your mood. Coming from the foothills of the Himalayas, gives off a beautiful soft warm glow, helping your room to feel warm and cosy.