Let’s talk hormones?

After suffering with irregular and painful periods for years, due to my PCOS. Only now in my late thirties things have started to balance. My skin is looking better, I am suffering with less symptoms of PMT than ever and my periods are now regular for the first time in my life. I felt I should share some information of what I think has helped towards feeling more positive and dealing with this wonderful ‘gift’ of periods!

I definitely feel eating healthier has really helped. I now eat a 85% plant based (vegan) diet and have been dairy free for the past couple of years. Month by month I am seeing a huge difference, especially in my skin. When you have hormonal imbalances, especially high Estrogen like I had, cutting out meat and dairy can be the key. The way these products are now produced mean they contain high levels of Estrogen which can lead to irregular periods and more PMT. Progesterone is our regulator and also our happy hormone so is key to keeping us women balanced. If we take in too much Estrogen this in effect eats our Progesterone. If you are struggling through the menopause too it might be worth trying to cut out dairy and meat as much as possible for a few months to see if this helps. Another thing that I have also found is using essential oils to balance and calm through those slightly irritable and anxious days. Clary Sage is an amazing hormone balancer just some to drop into your bath or rub on your tummy (Lavender is also great for stomach cramps).

I think we also forget to take time out and using mindfulness on these days is so important. Reminding yourself that our body is an amazing thing and be gentle on ourselves during this time. Take baths, read a book, time to just be on our own and concentrate on breathing or just listen to some music anything that works to slow you down and help you feel grounded.

Sleep can also be an issue, restlessness and feeling hot are often common symptoms in the days running up. I recommend before bed to put down the electronics! We can feel quite manic and out of control on these days so social media or even watching programs that get our heart racing can increase our heart rate and make it harder to bring ourselves down to calmness at this time.

It is also a time to give into those carbs (not refined sugars), but wholegrain, slow release food like a big dish of wholegrain or quinoa pasta is perfect for that craving. Don’t feel guilty, our body knows what it needs so accept this. I have also found cutting out alcohol on these days is another way of promoting good sleep and feelings of anxiousness. As our bodies are concentrating on other things we can be more sensitive to alcohol therefore we can feel the effects more even only after one glass of wine etc.

Whilst we are on the subject I only use organic tampons and my best friend is now addicted to ‘The Moon Cup’ which I still have to try. I am going to focus my next blog on this subject as my findings shocked me… read my blog for further info on ‘Why choose ‘Organic Tampons’…