Emotional Balance with Doterra Oils

Its now February and the word detox is still everywhere. I was honoured to be asked by Caroline owner of Pure Skin Lab to write a blog about detoxing the body. I found the January bombardment of ‘New year New you’ particularly resonated less and less with me. I’m actually growing to love the person I am becoming. I’ve never seen the point in New Years resolutions, if you want to change something why wait?

We all have physical and emotional health. Rather than detoxing our physical body lets focus on detoxing our emotions? After all, how beneficial can healthy eating be, for those living with very real and negative emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, fear, anxiety, jealousy and low self esteem. FACT: longterm negative emotions lead to chronic stress which is linked to the six leading causes of death.

The late neuroscientist Dr Pert, wrote ‘molecules of emotions run every system in our body creating a ‘body mind intelligence’. In her book she described how her research showed that our cells are affected by both positive and negative emotions.For example feelings of bliss, joy, love and kindness encourage new health cell growth whilst the negative emotions send signals to interrupt normal cell regeneration.

How are we able to detox our emotions? The first step is always acceptance, acknowledge the good bad and the ugly. Life has its up and downs and its about learning to go with the flow as much as possible. Life is always changing and nothing stays the same. The sooner we can get comfortable with change the easier life will begin to feel.

My absolute favourite way to supporting my emotions is through the use of Doterra essential oils. I carry my emotional aromatherapy kit with me everywhere to help keep my emotions in check.

Why are essential oils so effective for the emotions? Our sense of smell is our only sense which connects the outside world directly to the brain. The aromatic compounds of the oils travel up the nasal cavity to the olfactory bulb here, they cross the blood brain barrier to enter the limbic brain which is the seat of our emotions. Also known as the reactive brain.The essential oils give the brain new and nourishing information which helps to dissolve stress and helps us to respond rather than react to situations which may arise.

Here are some of my favourite oils and how to use them to keep you feeling your best:

My number 1 spot has to go to my wingman ‘Balance’. This was my gateway oil into Doterra, it is the tree blend and when I smell it it reminds me of walking in the forest. This blend is hugely grounding. I use in my diffuser after school or over my pulse points. In a moment of overwhelm I pop a drop in my hand, rub my hands together and take a deep inhale in, making sure my exhale is longer than my inhale. I repeat this for 3 breaths.

Number 2 is Cheer ‘sunshine in a bottle’. I love to wear this uplifting scent as my perfume when I’m feeling a little flat or I also sometimes diffuse in the morning before school.

Passion is another favourite of mine to wear as perfume. Passion smells deliciously spicy. Its a scientific formula of spice and herbal essential oils. this mix helps to ignite feelings of excitement, passion, creativity and clarity.

Motivate was my go to oil today great before a work out to give you a boost. Apply to pulse points before sporting events, public speaking or tother competitions. this will give you a surge of confidence that will assist you in doing your best. This oil can also be very encouraging if setbacks or disappointments are starting to have a discouraging effect on your emotions.

Forgive is also known as the renewing blend. It helps to counteract emotions of anger and guilt, whilst promoting the liberating feelings of contentment, relief and patience.This is certainly a favourite for detoxing the emotions as this powerhouse is effective at helping us let go of what no longer serves us giving us space to renew. This is also a useful one to use after a disagreement with the hubby or between siblings.

Console is a powerful oil great for trauma, loss and comforting that sadness inside. As you go through the healing process, Console can help you be patient with yourself and others.It can help promote positivity and dispel negative, hopeless feelings when used topically or aromatically. When sadness seems overwhelming, Console helps foster feelings of emotional strength.

Last but by no means least is Peace, a mix of floral and mint essential oils. As you inhale the positive, comforting aroma of Doterra Peace you’ll exhale fear and worry. This blend will help you regain composure and face the future with reassurance and stability.

Happy detoxing your emotions!