Ditch the Plastic

This week I was so lucky to be invited to watch a new up and coming film on our oceans called Blue The Film (2017). Being a diver and loving the underwater world, this subject is something very close to my heart. Over the years I have seen first-hand the coral bleaching throughout the world, all due to the rise in sea temperatures which is obviously a knock on effect from global warming.

This beautifully made film/documentary showed how we are damaging our oceans and all the life that live within and around it. This wonderful film highlighted climate change, shark finning, over fishing and all the plastic and debris that makes its way into our seas and how all of these impact.

The subject of ‘plastic’ left me feeling so sad about what we have done to our beautiful planet that is our home! The problem is so much more vast than I ever imagined. Yes, we hear snippets of information through the media on how this is impacting us all and some positive movements, saying no to plastic bags, banning the use of straws etc.

The one story that stuck in my mind was about a young women named Jennifer Lavers who is living and helping one type of seabird, the Shearwater. This was on a remote island nowhere near civilisation. Every evening she ventures into the forest, where these birds nest in burrows, and manually extracting pieces of plastic from every juvenile’s throat and stomach and then feeding it with fresh squid. This was in the hope that it would make them strong enough to fledge and make the long journey half way across the world. The juvenile’s parents have no idea that what they are feeding their babies is plastic! Huge pieces were found within these small birds, some getting stuck. Without Jennifer performing this intervention they would die. However, she can’t help all of the population on the island and it showed her collecting the not so fortunate ones. You could hear the plastic scrunching within their stomachs as she pressed on the dead bodies.

We have lost over 40% of our marine life in the last 50 years and hope we haven’t left it too late to do something.

I’m hoping this sponsored film will be released in the UK sometime soon. We must all do our bit and campaign for better recycling and single use plastics to be banned. Also make a decision to do your little bit, even picking up rubbish when you visit the seaside!