Detox your skin

Must have products to help detox your skin this January.

This January, you may have plans to go on a diet, start exercising more and give yourself an overall detox. But have you thought about detoxing your skin? After eating too much sugar, drinking too much alcohol and out of your normal routine, this may have left your skin congested, dull and tired. Try these top antioxidant and detox products to help you get that glow back for the coming year.

Invest in you… Invest in your skin

  1. CLEANSER - Using a good cleanser to take away make up and dirt is so important. Try either the Detox Clarifying Facial Wash £32 for oily skin/blemished skin or Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser £29 for more dry/sensitive types.

  2. EXFOLIATOR - If you normally don’t exfoliate your skin, start now! By exfoliating at least twice a week this will remove dead and dull skin from the surface and allow your other products to penetrate deeper into the skin and really work. For oily/blemished/normal skin our best exfoliator is Doctor’s Scrub Advanced Facial Exfoliator £35 (this is expensive but worth the investment and you only need a small amount, it really is so powerful). For dry/sensitive Exfoliating Oil to Milk Scrub £24.

  3. TREATMENTS – Overnight, Retinol Night Serum £45, this targets fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and boosts collagen. Day, Stabilised Vitamin C Serum £45 Vitamin C has been shown to reverse ageing and boost collagen also high in antioxidants so great to use daily under your daily moisturiser.

  4.  MASKS – If you like lying back in the bath or love the feel of a luxury facial a mask is a great way to really give your skin a proper facial at home. Masks are great used after you’ve exfoliated well (2-3 times a week depending on your sensitivity) this will help deliver great results. Best for Oily/blemished Facial Detox – Clarify and Clear Mask £58 this purifies and draws out dirt and helps detox your pores. Normal/dry/sensitive Bio-Retinol Gold Mask £26 this youth-boosting mask helps tackle the signs of ageing. Packed with potent natural ingredients that works to renew cells and rejuvenate.

  5. EYES – Dark circles/puffiness Bright Eyes Cream £48 with red tea, arnica and rice-bran extract this helps de-puff and brighten your eye area. Hyaluronic Eye Complex £16 this helps firm and reduce fine lines. With Hyaluronic acid and cucumber helps retain moisture therefore reduces fine lines.

You must remember to stay hydrated too, drinking plenty of water will help to flush out unwanted toxins. Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables will give you extra hydration, fibre and vitamins too. All these little steps will help you on your way to a more positive you for 2021.