Boabab Tree

When I visited Madagascar last year we visited the ancient forest of ‘the Boabab Trees’. Although I had heard of this tree I had not realised their enormity and how special they really are. Also known as ‘upside down trees’ or ‘trees of life’, they are in the heart of many traditional African remedy or folklore.

Whilst in this amazing copse of Boababs, we came across a Sharman (a medicine man or spiritual healer). He was healing a young boy, no older than 5, that had apparently been suffering from ceisures. We were told the Sharman come to Boababs believing the trees have special healing powers and helps them interact with the spiritual world and set their patients demons free. To the local people this is normal practise. They do not have medical doctors or hospitals in the area we were in and take 8 hrs by car to the nearest city. They also use all natural products to heal and medicate the communities.

Shortly after returning home ‘Boabab’ started to appear in health blogs and natural skin care articles I was reading. I found that the fruit has wonderful properties:

– 5 times the amount of magnesium of avocado
– Four times the potassium of bananas
– Twice the calcium of milk
– Twice the antioxidant of acai berries
– Six times the vitamin C of orange
– Ten times the fibre of apples

The Boabab fruit is beneficial for our hair and skin. It is packed with antioxidants and anti ageing properties.